Tips for Pregnant Women during Monsoon

In between sibling rivalry and sibling love, I grew up

In between school competitions and corporate life, I grew up

In between dates and shaadi, I grew up

In between the ‘carefree attitude’ to ‘baby on the way’ I grew up – I grew up the most!

Cheers to growing up, Cheers to this phase called “Pregnancy”!

After a lot of learning and unlearning for the little one, I’ve curated a few points to take care during monsoon if you are pregnant and even if not this is good to know.


  • Hydrate and Feel great!

Since the weather is all damp and moist , we may miss drinking enough water during monsoon. And to my surprise dehydration is a common problem of pregnancy in monsoons! Its very important to consume atleast 2-2.5 litres of water daily. Keep a bottle of water at your workstation/ carry it with you when you step outside the house.

Make sure the water is boiled/filtered properly. You can add a dash of lime,cucumber slices, mint to the water for some flavouring. Please remember substituting water for juices is not a healthy option. Jal hi Jeevan hai!


  • Diet cures more than Doctors!

While this is an essential tip for pregnant women all through their pregnancy, a balanced diet becomes even more essential now, as monsoons are a time of low immunity.

To stay healthy, make sure you eat a balanced diet with adequate proteins and nutrients Consume warm foods such as soups/broths and avoid anything stale or even Salads.

Some good immunity-boosting foods for monsoons include: Chicken/Vegetable Soup, Dry fruits ,Well cooked Eggs, Dals/Pulses


  • Happiness is –NO Street Food

Nod your head horizontally at the sight of street food is my mantra now! Different women crave for different foods during pregnancy and the wants can be really weird and at odd times!

Talk about Gol gappas, Aaloo Tikki , Papri Chaat and my mouth already starts drooling! Street food is a convenient and a tasty option to satiate the cravings. But along with the taste it might carry harmful water borne infections which may be harmful for you and your baby’s health. Why not try some homemade healthy chaats?


  • If you wear comfortable, You just look better!

Irritation during pregnancy grows in manifold! Wearing skin hugging clothes along with humidity can make you uncomfortable during monsoon. Try wearing loose and light weighted clothes during monsoon as it is necessary to give full comfort to your baby bump.

Also avoid wearing synthetic clothes as it may cause skin allergies. With so many maternity brands come up, we can just give a little makeover to our wardrobe and tadaaaaa we are sorted without compromising on fashion or comfort.

Footwear: Ditch the heals for a few months! Also slippery footwear should be binned right away .Invest in a good pair of slip on/shoes designed especially for Monsoon.


  • Make Hygiene a lifestyle , Not a duty

From whatever I have learnt, The bodys immunity is lowered during pregnancy and is more susceptible to all kinds of infections. On the other hand Rains cause an increase in infections/Allergies.

Hence it makes it even more important to pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash your hands and feet and sanitize regularly, This will help you in keeping infections away.

A good anti-bacterial, organic soap should do the trick of sanitization. Also if possible use neem based products as it fights germs and bacteria.


  • A Clean Home is a happy Home

The regular jhaadu pocha can be aided with a good floor cleaner. Vaccuming the house regularly also removes specs of dirt/lint unseen to the common eye.The linen/upholstery should be washed regularly.

A good air purifier also helps in removing almost all pollutants in the air and regulates fresh air. The washroom/toilet seats should be washed daily since they breed a lot of germs. Pest control though very effective might not be a good option during pregnancy


….Aaannddd the mosquito breeding season is here!

This is a continuation of the above topic. However I wanted to lay special emphasis on the menace caused by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are a particularly bugging problem in the rainy season. But for pregnant women, they can be even more dangerous.

Several mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika and Dengue can have repercussions on the unborn baby as well.
One of the key health precautions in rainy season is to stay protected by using a safe mosquito-repellent inside the house. There are good herbal mosquito repellent sticks with citronella oil available in the market, which are known to have no/minimal side effects.Although we love the smell of mint, mosquitoes hate it.

You can buy mint extract or mint oil and add it to a spray bottle of water.

  • Theres Nothing a good massage cant fix!

A good time to give the maalishwali a call! Yes, monsoon weather can leave skin dry at times or oily at other times, yes it acts all up! To help with that, there are oils that help to lock in the skin moisture.One such oil is the organic coconut oil. It can help in healing, removing or avoiding skin scars and stretch marks.

This is why many women stick to coconut oil during pregnancy for their baby bump to avoid stretch marks and it really works! Other options for moisturizing the skin are sebum oil, Argan Oil, Linseed oil, Poppyseed oil, Sunflower oil. But do check with your gynac before using anything new.


So with these tips you can stay healthy and can enjoy the rain with your cup of tea and some homemade pakoras!

I would like to introduce you to Jayshree Ghosh ,a brilliant blogger who will share tips to take care of skin and hair during monsoon, Why don’t you check her blog right away!!


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15 thoughts on “Tips for Pregnant Women during Monsoon

  1. Will gonna share these tips with my sister in law who is pregnant . Thanks for sharing such useful tips


  2. Great tips for all the expecting mommies. The tips shared here will serve as a good reminder to pregnant ladies to take good care of themselves during the monsoon season and enjoy the journey to motherhood.


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    Thank you for sharing!


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    Hey such an amazing blogpost! I am definitely going to share it with all the mommys to be out there 😊


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  15. Definitely bookmarking this for future reference. These are great tips which I’m sure I will need in the future.


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