“Sweet Dreams” says the baby Now!

“We are Preggers” This feeling is backed by a roller coaster of emotions. I was no exception to this! So when the strip showed two positive lines, my happiness as well as worries have grown in manifold. My life took a paradigm shift and my focus shifted to health and nutrition for me and my baby..

To get accustomed to and learn some baby management skills I’ve been spending more time with my sister and her Baby Naisha( My Niece).Now that I’m heavily pregnant, I have a deeper perspective into motherhood.

Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat that’s what my niece had on her mind at all times, but just about recently Naisha had lost all interest in her playgroup activities.The eat, sleep and play were affected and we the family members were perturbed and helpless!

After consultation with the pediatrician we were informed that her Stuffy Nose was the root cause of it all! Like really ? We couldn’t believe how it all affects the overall functioning of the body. Stuffy nose not only causes poor sleep but also increases discomfort, crankiness, hampers physical and mental growth.

I’m glad the pediatrician prescribed us Nasivion® Child Nose Drops which restored Naishas sleep pattern, and overall health! Now she wishes us “Sweet Dreams” every night and wanders away into fairyland


  • What is Nasivion® Nose Drops?
  • It is a nasal decongestant for Children between 1 to 6 years of age.
  • It comes in an easy drop form for effective and long lasting blocked nose relief.
  • It comes in two variants for the babies and the infants—of 0.01% and 0.025% concentration.
  • A couple of easy drops is all that is needed to unblock the nose for unimpaired breathing.
  • The active ingredients, like Oxymetazoline, in these drops are suitable for the infants, as they are diluted concentrations, thereby freeing up the nose without troubling the child. It armors your baby and helps them battle out a congested nose!

Check out the video to know more about the product:

  • How does it work:

Nasivion® 0.01% Nasal Drops acts by reducing the swelling of the blood vessels in the nose and eyes which directly helps in decreasing the discomfort and redness caused by the dilated blood vessels.


  • Duration of effect:

The effect of this medicine lasts for a good duration of 5-8 hours.

  • When can Nasivion® Nose Drops be used?
  • Allergy / common cold and other such related conditions.
  • Cases of discomfort associated with Hay fever, Sinusitis, Rhinitis
  • It can also be used as an ophthalmic agent to reduce the swelling of the blood vessels in the eyes, thereby temporarily reducing their redness.
  • How effective has Nasivion® 0,01 % proven to be?

When it comes to infants, Nasivion® 0,01 % shows impressive, proven results:

  • 97 % improvement of nasal breathing
  • 92 % improvement of rhinitis symptoms
  • 90 % improvement against sleeping difficulties
  • 91 % improvement of feeding difficulties
  • Ingredients:
    Each ml of Nasivion® Child Nose Drops contains:
    25 mg Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride USP (active ingredient) in buffered aqueous solution
    0.3 mg Benzalkonium Chloride Solution 50% IP (as preservative)Dosage and frequency of use:
    For children aged between 1 to 6 years only: instill 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician.

Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride containing nasal drops should not be used for longer than 10 consecutive days. A treatment free period of several days should precede any repeated use.

  • How does one use Nasivion® Nose drops ?

Clean the child’s nose In lying down posture, the child’s head can be tilted backwards or comfortably arched over the edge of the bed. With the dropper inverted over the affected nostril, instill drops of the solution as per the suggested use

Baby sleeping

Five ways to ease out the Babys Nose:

  • Increase the room’s humidity

The moist air is breathed in and helps to loosen up the mucus in baby’s nose. To add humidity to the nursery, set up a vaporiser when your little one is sleeping and during play time.

  • Make sure baby gets plenty of liquids

Maintaining adequate hydration may help to thin out the mucus in the nose and helps it to flow better to the outside.

  • Highly tolerable nasal decongestant

A number of pharmacies offer nose sprays or drops especially for babies’ little nose. Ideally they contain a low-dosage active ingredient that is well tolerated.

  • Saline solution nose drops

A saline solution supports the cleansing of the nose and nasal cavity. Because it is based on a salt ingredient, it can also be used on your baby’s sensitive nose.

  • Ensure for lots of quiet time

Just like adults, babies, too, can become stressed. So make sure the baby gets plenty of rest and any activities you undertake are quiet and comfortable.

  • Some Interesting Facts:
  • In the first few months of life, babies are obligate nose breathers. This means that they can only breathe through their noses.
  • During the first year of a baby’s life it spends half that time in a sleeping state.
  • Most newborn babies develop a condition called Milia. These are tiny white bumps that form on the nose. They are completely safe and nothing to get concerned about, as they result from a type of protein called keratin. They will gradually disappear within a few months.
  • Children are heavily dependent on small hair(cilia) in the nose to remove dust and germs from the Air
  • Oxymetazoline(an active ingredient of all Nasivion® decongestants) works so well that it’s preferred by NASA to keep their astronauts breathing freely and was on boarding during the Apollo mission to the moon!

Consult your pediatrician before using the product, I’m happy I did!

Visit the site for more details : http://happynosehappymom.com/


20 thoughts on ““Sweet Dreams” says the baby Now!

  1. Indeed, nose blockage in kids is painful more so for babies as they are unable to express . Nasivion is a good nasal drop as I have used it.


  2. Perfect solution for me atleast as Viraj used to have block nose now and then and this will give both of us a peaceful sleep!!


  3. This post is so useful for mom’s who face this blocking nose situation for their kids.


  4. I am using this nose drop from few years for my kids , it’s quite effective for them


  5. My daughter has used nasivion too and it really helped her. I think this is every moms story..


  6. Nasivion is something that my peds recommended when my baby was small and it continues to be a part of my medical kit even after my kids have grown up.


  7. Finally a good nose decongestant for babies and toddlers! Finally parents can relax! Really promising and helpful!


  8. Nasivion is any Mom’s savior! It has helped me when the daughter was a baby. With infants, blocked nose is never a surprise, and thanks for products like these moms have an easy time.


  9. I heard good things about these nasal drops and need to get my hands on these for my son. He gets blocked nose easily which irritates him a lot. Thanks for sharing this article xx


  10. I was looking for some nasal drops for my child. He is 4 years old and easily catches cold and gets blocked nose. This will ensure he is not congested anymore and will help him sleep well.


  11. Amazing Nasivion nasal congestion relief. Nasivion is the trusted brand. This nasal pain reliever helps the little ones to get rid of nasal swelling. Great thoughts.


  12. These nosedrops a very effective my mom has been using them and she absolutely loves it …it’s a must have..
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this insightful post. Glad I stumbled on your wonderful detailed blogpost.
    Keep up the good work.


  13. Stuffy nose is an issue for kids. I didn’t know that these drops are saviour for kids.


  14. This is one product which saved me from many a sleepless night with my kids


  15. Harneet K Khurana August 12, 2018 — 6:48 pm

    my son gets blocked nose quite often, I will surely try this soon. hopefully, he will get the relief.


  16. I have had this sort if experience when Aishani was younger. Many sleepless nights werethere due to ger congested nose and truly i aldo gound solace with Nasivion


  17. Sounds like a nice product for very young kid. Well written blog and very interesting to know the facts.


  18. myswatitude - Swati Gandhi August 12, 2018 — 11:48 pm

    Sound sleep is an absolute must for making sure that you have a productive day ahead. Nasivion ensures that you don’t loose on deep sleep due to blocked nose.


  19. My baby’s nose was always stuffed up, but this product helps my child breath easier.


  20. Looks like nasal DROP come as a saviour for your child nasal congestion. No doubt this is the common problem.


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