Convert your passion of gaming into business!Play games and earn money through MPL

Haven’t there been times when the pocket said “No, not today”? Shopping had to be replaced by window shopping? Had to settle for lower priced product? Made excuses to postpone your purchase?

That extra income could have been the answer to all the problems above!

Making a decent side income is everyone’s dream, and if it is online it’s even better! And Arent we always in need of legitimate ways to make extra income online? But Isn’t it a very tricky business??

Naaah ! not anymore …

Good news is that it’s fun and easy to earn the extra bucks now with MPL (Mobile Premier League) Application!!

Play popular games like fruit ninja / bubble shooter/Runner Number.1/Space breaker and win PayTM money on MPL App.And If you’re looking at making money as a gamer ,MPL is the answer.

You can now convert your passion of playing games into a business.

Familiar with IPL ? Love the playing format of IPL? IPL of gaming in MPL !

To start earning now all you need to do is :

Visit :

2.Download the MPL Application

3.Play with different players of the world online Win the tournament to earn that title

4.Earn the extra REWARD!!



You can do it in two ways : By either playing games with coins or enter tournaments with cash /tokens (you need not invest any cash from your pocket, read further to find

1. PLAYING GAMES WITH COINS: Once you’ve downloaded the MPL App you need to sign up from your mobile number , On successful sign up you get a reward of 20 coins and with these coins, you can play games in the MPL App and start earning instantly. The money you earn can be in PayTM Cash or directly transferred to your bank account.

2. ENTER TOURNAMENTS WITH CASH : To earn big bucks, you can take part in tournaments,

you can earn 10X times the amount you started with.

The entry charges for each tournament is different and starts at Rs.15 only. But you need not invest your own money! Yes you read it right!!

You can share MPL App link with friends and for every share on whatsapp and facebook you get 1 token. For every click on the share you get 5 tokens and when your friends join MPL, your friend and you get 10 Rupees Each!!

Share more and earn more ! Sharing in different mediums gets you to earn maximum tokens. These tokens that you earn can be used to participate in tournaments and earn real money!

MPL (Mobile premiere league )makes it easier for you to invite your friends.So invite your friends- friends of friends to use the app and play the games and share a bonus of 20 coins for each friend.You can also track your bonus and stay updated about the bonus credited to your account. You can import your circle of friends from your email or share through your Facebook profile or refer friends via WhatsApp. Create buzz amongst your peers about this gaming application, get them to download, play and make some extra cash

Top 25 Players who refer the most number of users on MPL successfully in a day win Money.

The tournaments are always going on in the app live you can open the app and participate anytime in the tournament.You can start with Rs.15 and earn more than 200 Rs.

You can multiply the amount earned through referral by playing more. Top 25 players who played maximum games every day win money. So win money by playing more games on MPL!!




As you sow ,So shall you reap!

The more you invest the more gains you ensure for yourself .However it’s very important to make sure you take a decisive and an informed call. So if you are good in a certain game then go for a small cash tournament by adding money or referring friends. Since you are good at that particular game , you surely will ace it !

However if its a game you haven’t played before/ or some game you are not very confident in…. then I would suggest you to join a token tournament as each token tournament will have 80% winner percentage. Apart from the winning percentage being high in token tournaments , its easy to earn the tokens too! (Like mentioned above)

Also, basis the fact that though the winning amounts in cash tournaments is high…. cash tournaments have only 50% winners.

But where as in Token tournaments the entry is free via tokens, rewards being cash and 80% of players who are a part of the tournament will earn cash.

So choose wisely between cash tournaments or token tournaments basis your skill and level of expertise in playing.


In the past few years, online gaming has become popular. More and more people are playing online games than ever before.But why choose MPL over others?

1. Accessibility: Players can choose from a myriad number of options and different genre of games with just a click of a mouse/touch on the screen and at the convenience of their home.

2.Variety of Games: A wide variety of games available such as fruit ninja / bubble shooter/Runner Number.1/Space breaker .So you can choose basis your skill and expertise

3.Facility to Play With Real User: Since there are live tournaments going on MPL makes it possible to play against other people all over the world whenever you want.Just join a tournament and play on!

4.Rewards: There are a lot of exciting bonuses, prizes and cash rewards associated , Win PayTM cash easily by playing games on MPL

MPL is hands down the most fun and interesting way to make money!!


So, create buzz, invite your friends and win real cash. Open the application, share your referral code, Play Games and Win PayTM Money on MPL app.

Happy Gaming! See you there !

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